Things You Should Know When Building A New Home:

When Pricing Land:

  • Is a water meter available?
  • What's the cost of the meter?
  • Is a well required?
  • Get a quote from a qualified installer.
  • Is sewer service available?
  • What's the cost of a Sewer Tap Fee?
  • Is a septic system required?
  • Get a quote from a licensed installer.
  • Electricity available?  (If a transformer is not nearby, contact the service planner of the electric provider to determine if any expense will be incurred to get power to the property.)
  • Lot Preparation:  If the building site is sloped, get an estimate of the cost to level the lot. 

What Type of Soil?  Soil Analysis / Excavation:

  • Rock, Sandy Loam, Clay?  It's very important to have your soil analyzed.
  • To determine if expansive soil is present, it may be necessary to excavate (remove) the soil at the building area and replace it with select fill. (Non-expansive soil)
  • Engineers can give you the analysis relatively inexpensively if you deliver the soil sample.
  • Usually a gallon of soil removed from a 2' depth of the building pad will suffice, verify with the engineer.
  • Local excavators can give you a quote to remove and replace the soil.
  • Removed soil can be used for yard fill and final grading.

Deed Restrictions, Surveys and Title Policy:

  • What is the minimum square footage living area required?
  • Is a garage required?
  • Are gravel driveways allowed?
  • Are mobile homes allowed?
  • Will the home you want to build fit on the lot?
  • What is the front set-back requirement?
  • What is the side set-back requirement?
  • Survey:  Get a survey showing property lines, any easements and a flood stamp insuring the property is not in a flood plane.
  • Title Policy:  It is highly recommended to obtain a Title Policy insuring no existing liens are filed on the property!!!

What Do I Need When I Talk With a American Classic Homes Sales Manager?

  • Nothing is needed for a free estimate, but if you are ready to apply for financing, please bring a copy of your:
    (if available),
    Deed Restrictions
    (if available) and
    Soil Report
    (if available).
  • Just bring in a gallon of soil that has been remove from a minimum depth of 2' from the building area.
  • The cost of a soil analysis is approximately $65.



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